1. Who are you? Why should I spend my precious time on reading your posts?
    Hi, I’m Adit, an obscure writer. And am still trying to make a case for your second question.
  2. What’s in the name?
    3 AM is when I start most of my day for about more than a year. It’s the most productive time for me to contemplate and write.
    It’s not related to any witching hour, nor a certain Netflix show, nor a song, nor a Paris-based magazine. The disambiguation list goes on.
  3. Is there a certain set of criteria on deciding which question goes into the FAQ section or not?
    Currently, it’s based on my subjective judgment only. It’s basically an uninformed process of decision-making. So, keep asking questions to itsthreeamnow(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll craft a more useful FAQ section.

Last updated: 28 Dec 2020.